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Election Results

Election Results Faculty Council FSW 2023


What is the faculty council?

The faculty council of the Faculty of Social Sciences is the participation body for staff and students in the faculty. The council is the conversation partner of the dean when it comes to measures of the board and the organization of the faculty. The tasks and powers of the faculty council are described in the faculty regulations. The faculty council has fourteen members and consists of half students and half staff.


When are the elections?

Every year, the Faculty of Social Sciences organizes elections to fill the student seats of the faculty council. And every two years for the staff seats. This year the elections for the student seats were from May 8 to May 10, 2023.


Staff: No elections

From the submitted candidate lists for the staff section, it has been found that there are as many candidates as seats for the Faculty Council FSW. Therefore, there will be no elections for the staff section this year.

  1. (Ellen) Reitz
  2. K. (Noémi) Schuurman
  3. J. (Martijn) Mulder
  4. C. (Reine) van der Wal
  5. L. (Kirsten) Buist
  6. C. (Sanne) de Bos
  7. J. (Jacqueline) van Lier


Students: Election participants

There was one list participating in these elections with eight candidates for seven seats:
Lijst VUUR

  1. (Ylana) Optekamp
  2. Y. (Mel) Stronk
  3. (Maartje) Stam
  4. (Ming) Peters
  5. M.J. (Britt) Keulen
  6. M.F. (Claire) Bruls
  7. J. (Rik) van Huizen
  8. I. (Anne Ing) Ligtvoet

The result

In total, 690 students (10.8%) out of the eligible voters (= 6394 students) cast their vote for the faculty council. Of these, 70 votes were blank (1.1%).

Elected students

The committee has established the result based on article 13 of the Faculty Election Regulation. The following seven students are elected as members of the faculty council for one year, in the order below with the following distribution of votes:

Lijst VUUR (totaal: 620 stemmen – 9,7%) http://www.verenigingvuur.nl/


  1. 1. Y. (Ylana) Optekamp 156 stemmen (25,1%)
  2. M. (Maartje) Stam 97 stemmen (15,6%)
  3. B.M.J. (Britt) Keulen 94 stemmen (15,2%)
  4. A.I. (Anne Ing) Ligtvoet87 stemmen (14%)
  5. M.Y. (Mel) Stronk 58 stemmen (9,4%)
  6. M. (Ming) Peters 41 stemmen (6,6%)
  7. C.M.F. (Claire) Bruls 45 stemmen (7,3%)
  8. R.J. (Rik)van Huizen 42 stemmen (6,8%)

                                                    620 stemmen (100%)


R.J. (Rik) van Huizen received 42 votes (6.8%) but was not elected. Unfortunately, Anne Ing Ligtvoet and Claire Bruls have indicated that they are immediately giving up their seat. As a result, Rik van Huizen will end up in the 6th place and will join the Council. The 7th spot will be filled by Lynn Fundter, an enthusiastic candidate who is willing to contribute (without voting rights) in 2023/2024.

The membership starts on September 1, 2023. Congratulations!

This was determined on May 11, 2023 by the Faculty Election Committee FSW.

S. Raaijmakers – Voorzitter
V. Seibel – WP lid
M. Martens  – Studentlid
B. Barendregt – Secretaris


More information?

Do you want more information about the elections? Please contact the Kiescommissie FSW of the Faculty of Social Sciences.